Welcome to Mount Moriah Baptist Church

If the hectic pace of life does not let you feel the presence and power of God, then you need to spend some time with those who can connect with Him. Come to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Riverside, CA to learn the mysteries and purpose of our life. Spreading the Word of God.

OUR 2019 CHURCH THEME: "Our Church Believing God is, Hebrews 11:6

Our learned Pastors, Deacons, and members spread the message of Christianity and God through our regular teaching and preaching. We teach our members that God is omnipresent and what we need to learn is how to feel His presence in our living and working environment through regular prayer and worship

                                              Upcoming Events

  1. Sunday April 27th choir will be at Applbee's  Prayer Breakfast.
  2. May 12th Happy Mothers Day, "All Mothers"
  3. May 26th we are Having Our Family & Friends Day, this a big day, if you wants to be a part Call                                 the Church..
  4. June 9th we  fellowship with the Love of GOD their Church Anniversary,